Next to the mountains of Wen Shan, Pinglin is just southeast of Taipei city and acts as a nearby destination to drink and purchase tea for city goers. Tea produced and grown in this area range from 400-800 meters. The local farms scattered throughout the mountainside mainly produce a green-oolong tea with light flavors and floral aromas.

The Muzha mountains to the west of Pinglin produces a unique Oolong that was brought over from China around the end of the 19th century. The tea originally planted here was Tie Guan Yin, also known as Iron Goddess, by two brothers from Anxi. Iron Goddess tea produced on this mountainside has a distinct characteristic from its Chinese predecessor as farmers utilize bamboo and charcoal to slowly roast the teas. It is now a popular destination to drink tea as shops have set up alongside the mountain roads which can overlook Taipei city.

Sanxia is one of the largest districts in Taipei County with tea cultivation in the southern mountains. It has a rich history of pottery and ties into tea with its production of exclusive teaware. The mountainsides of Sanxia are more known for its green tea that was imported over from China. The district also participates in production of black teas as they experiment with different varieties to create a unique flavors developed by its microclimate.