The third Chapter of our Taiwan installment is packed with an array of Oolongs and a special Black tea. From light to dark, we include a Four Seasons oolong which acts as a great daily tea and one we recommend to start the chapter drinking! Next is our Shan Lin Xi high mountain oolong grown at over 5,500 feet that will provide complex and balanced tasting nodes of florals, green beans and a slight sweetness. We include a heartier oolong from Muzha called the Iron Goddess or Tie Guan Yin. This one is slowly roasted over a charcoal fire. Lastly, we have our Rhythm 21 Black tea which reflects one of the newer teas from Taiwan that resulted from hybridization of two cultivars from China and Nepal! This tea is a bit complex with nodes of floral, honey and grapefruit. This chapter has an overall oolong exposure on various types from one that is more floral to a high mountain and a roasted version. We finish off this chapter with a special black tea that was developed around 2008 with extremely complex aromas and flavors!

(3) 20g. teas
(1) 15g. tea that is seasonal or more rare to acquire
15-30+ cups of tea

Taste of Taiwan Chapter 3



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