Our second chapter focuses on an assortment from Taiwan that is a bit hardier consisting of Green Oolong, Oolong and Black teas. The Green Oolong is from Pinglin and gives off a floral and sweet subtlety within the tea. We recommend to start with this first before moving towards the Milk Oolong. This one in particular has no additives within processing and relies on the Jin Xuan cultivar to give off its natural milky characteristics. Lastly, the final two selections are black teas form Sun Moon Lake. It contains the Taiwanese variant of Assam black tea and a newer type called Ruby 18. The 18 is the number designed by TRES (Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station) as new teas are formally documented there. Ruby 18 is unique as it is a new cultivar using tea from Myanmar combined with wild Taiwan tea trees.  We hope you enjoy this chapter as the black teas make this assortment more favorable during winters.

(3) 20g. teas
(1) 15g. tea that is seasonal or more rare to acquire
15-30+ cups of tea

Taste of Taiwan Chapter 2



Spring is the season of refreshing Oolongs!

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