Shan Lin Xi Black Tea

Xu Shan, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Dried Plum, Mint, Herbal, Floral, Brown Sugar, Lemon




A modern take on the classic Shan Lin Xi oolong, our farmers processed these high mountain leaves into a black tea. With the latest black tea demand in Taiwan, farmers are utilizing different varieties and mountainsides to produce unique black teas. Grown at 1500 meters utilizing the Chin-Hsin cultivar, this black tea experiences the robustness of a black tea with the complexities of an oolong. Since the leaves were grown at a higher altitude, they experience some of the characteristics found within Taiwanese oolongs such as its sweet and floral profiles. We love this version as it is incredibly complex with an array of flavors. One can discover fruity and acidic tones in the beginning, with some herbal and minty variables in between and end on a pleasant sweet sensation lingering in the palate.


Nantou County is located in the center of Taiwan and is the largest Tea growing and production region in the country. The amount of tea exported from this region is estimated to roughly be over 12,000 tons per year and is said to represent over two-thirds of the entire tea output in Taiwan.

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Shan Lin Xi Black Tea


Spring is the season of refreshing Oolongs!

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