Sanxia Honey Black Tea

Sanxia, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Honey, Sage, Lemon, Violets, Melon




This black tea reflects the new ongoing trend within Taiwan tea production as they steer towards black tea processing. It utilizes the Jin Xuan cultivar combined with the processing techniques for Oriental Beauty oolong. It is a specific type of processing in which the farmers utilizes small insects, called leaf hoppers, to nibble at the leaves to start the oxidation process. The plant undergoes a chemical change after this which provides the sweet honey taste found within Oriental Beauty. To give this black tea a twist, the farmers utilized that oxidation technique to create this black tea, thus giving this a sweet honey node to its profile. The honey is apparent in the beginning with an herbaceous sage note that follows. Towards the end, one can experience the lingering sweetness with a hint of lemon in their palate.


The County of Taipei is located within the northern hemisphere of the island and home to the 2nd largest tea growing region in Taiwan. Tea production can be found on the southern part of Taipei County within the nearby towns of Pinglin, Sanxia and mountainside of Muzha.

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Sanxia Honey Black Tea


Spring is the season of refreshing Oolongs!

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