Jin Xuan Black Tea

Minjian, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Granola, Toasted Wheat, Honey, Lemon



Minjian, TAIWAN

Another newcomer to the Taiwanese Black Tea market, this Jin Xuan Black Tea derives from the same cultivar, or variety, as the Milk Oolong. Both are based off of the Jin Xuan varietal except this time, we’ve asked our farmers to process the leaves into a Black Tea! The results are fantastic as we get a tea with a honey aroma along with notes of granola, wheat, and a lingering sweetness from a Milk Oolong. With this tea, we feel as if you get the best of both worlds as one exhibits the robustness of a Black Tea with the characteristics of an Oolong!


Nantou County is located in the center of Taiwan and is the largest Tea growing and production region in the country. The amount of tea exported from this region is estimated to roughly be over 12,000 tons per year and is said to represent over two-thirds of the entire tea output in Taiwan.

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Jin Xuan (Milk) Black Tea


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Spring is the season of refreshing Oolongs!

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