Infuser Mug

This green infuser mug is a great tool for everyday users! It can hold up to 15 ounces of liquid and the glass helps with insulating teas to keep it warm. After use, just simply rinse out the net and the tea leaves come right off!

The cup contains a stainless steel cylindrical net and cap. The net is wide and deep enough to extend near the bottom of your cup. This is so if you want to drink tea in smaller quantities, the leaves can still be steeped with less water! In addition, the cap helps lock in the desired heat, when steeping, so the leaves can fully open up to provide those wonderful flavors and aromas. When you are done with the first infusion, the cap can be flipped upside down to act as a dish for the net to be placed on top of it. These two pieces are wrapped with food grade silicone to protect your fingers during use.

15 oz. Glass Mug
Stainless Steel Net
Stainless Steel Cap

Infuser Mug


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