High Mountain Black Tea

Nantou County, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Plum, Malt, Lemon, Honey




This special black tea is one of the new examples which paves the way in tea evolution. Our processors have partnered with the retired secretary of the Nantou Agricultural Bureau to create this tea. He holds a Ph.D in agriculture from Taiwan University and spends his retirement cultivating tea on a plot of land. His knowledge is shared with our processors as they work together to produce different teas using various cultivars. These leaves were originally intended for high mountain oolong, but was later processed into black tea as an experiment. The leaves turned out to be excellent for black tea processing and is one of the many fine examples of new tea creation.


Nantou County is located in the center of Taiwan and is the largest Tea growing and production region in the country. The amount of tea exported from this region is estimated to roughly be over 12,000 tons per year and is said to represent over two-thirds of the entire tea output in Taiwan.

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High Mountain Black Tea


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