This Starter Kit contains the Chapter 3 box along with a stainless steel infuser mug. There are 4 different types of teas ranging from 3 different types of Oolongs and a Black tea. The Oolong variety in this chapter is strikingly different as it contains ones grown on high mountainsides to a roasted version. We personally travel to meet with farmers and processors and directly obtain our teas from the source.

The infuser mug is made from glass and includes a stainless steel net and cap. The net can incorporate loose leaf teas for steeping is used to maintain temperatures when brewing tea. It also acts as a saucer, when flipped upside down, to have the net sit on top so that you can sip your tea and save the leaves for another infusion!

(3) 20g. teas
(1) 15g. tea that is seasonal or more rare to acquire
(1) 15oz. Infuser Mug
15-30+ cups of tea

Chapter 3 Starter Kit



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