Biluo Chun Green Tea

Sanxia, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Grassy, Green Bean, Cream, Peach, Brown Sugar




The origins of Bilo Chun are from the mountains in Jiangsu China. The literal translation for this tea is Green Snail Spring, as it was originally presented in a spiral, similar to a snail’s shell. This Taiwanese version from Sanxia, and is well known for its freshness, befitting the notion of Spring in its name. These leaves are twisted with distinct white tips at the end. Our farmer harvests the tea during early spring in March to further edge out the fresh vegetal nodes within this tea.


The County of Taipei is located within the northern hemisphere of the island and home to the 2nd largest tea growing region in Taiwan. Tea production can be found on the southern part of Taipei County within the nearby towns of Pinglin, Sanxia and mountainside of Muzha.

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Biluo Chun Green Tea 20g.


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