Baozhong Green Tea

Pinling, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Magnolia, Herbaceous, Buttery, Hint of Sweetness




Baozhong is a lighter green oolong tea which gives off delicate floral flavors and scents. They come traditionally processed in a twisted form and are lightly oxidized. The farmers are 4th generation brothers that have concentrated their picking efforts on smaller to medium sized leaves, which they believe will provide the best flavor and fragrance out of their Baozhong. We are proud to be able to display their work as these two strive for excellence by regularly competing in competitions and incorporating new techniques to take their product to the next level. The oxidation levels range between 10-15% and leaves are left with 6% water content after processing completion.


The County of Taipei is located within the northern hemisphere of the island and home to the 2nd largest tea growing region in Taiwan. Tea production can be found on the southern part of Taipei County within the nearby towns of Pinglin, Sanxia and mountainside of Muzha.

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Baozhong Green Oolong Tea 20g.


Spring is the season of refreshing Oolongs!

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