Alishan Oolong Tea

Chia-Yi, Taiwan

Tasting Nodes: Floral, Spinach, Cream, Brown Sugar




Alishan tea is produced on mountain ranges near the border of Chia Yi and Nantou County. The oolongs produced in this region are one of the most prized teas by the world, due to its complex flavors upon the elevations it is grown from. We were lucky enough to witness the Fall harvest as the fog, sea breeze and overall colder temperatures participate in developing the flavor tones in this tea. There are large temperature swings from the morning and night as it switches from various extremes contributing to the flavor development. Teas at this altitude are known for its sweet and floral nodes and ours give off a bit of oats and fruity melon flavor.


The region of Chia Yi is fairy new within the tea processing community of Taiwan. The eastern portion is covered in steep mountain ranges that is perfect for high mountain oolong production. Coming in as the underdog region, Chia Yi has developed a reputation for its high mountain oolong grown on Mount Ali and Yu. The expected elevations in this area for tea production ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 meters.

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Alishan Oolong Tea 20g.


Spring is the season of refreshing Oolongs!

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