At Teaful, we aim to become one of the world ambassadors of tea. We want to promote loose leaf teas to the American public and educate on how vast and diverse the world of tea can be. Tea can be a very unique beverage, offering an array of flavor tones witnessed within wine. We plan to contribute to the expanding tea community by sharing our knowledge and discoveries along the way. That way, each person is able to experience the vast differences in flavors and aromas, while figuring out their preferences and methods of steeping tea along the way.


Single source teas can be a rarity in some smaller regions with lesser output. The teas that we source are directly from farms and not blended. We want to exemplify each region’s strengths and the decades of innovation from each farmer and producer that is reflected in their teas.


Our focus is to share different types of teas found during our trips. We break down our discoveries into Chapter tea boxes pertaining to each country. A new chapter will be unveiled each month as tea varies depending on country, region, soil, elevation, climate, season and processing techniques. Our goal is to present different types of teas to bring to you along our journey and help discover teas that match your tastes.


Every region contains their own growing, processing and brewing techniques. It is reflected within the tea, art and history which surrounds a certain area. Some are changing their culture through new forms of production and setting new boundaries for themselves. We share that experience and knowledge with you, through our teas and articles, so that you are able to develop own preferences and tastes along the way.